Beer Here: Great Raft You Me and Everyone We Know Batch 003

Great Raft got a foeder, and we're all reaping the benefits.

What's a foeder (FOOD-er) you ask? They were originally used in winemaking, but brewers have been scooping up these large wooden vats for the purpose of aging their sour beers and developing their own special yeast that will live in the nooks and crannies of the wood.

This batch, number 003, is a product of the two brews that came before it. Even though it's a beer with no adjuncts, this beer is brimming with fruit flavor up front, in addition to a brisk sour bite and a nice bit of funk. Much of that fruit, we presume, comes from batch number 002, which had been filled up with tons of ripe Ruston peaches. Also, don't forget about batch 001, which included mayhaws.

Come try this beer while we have the little bit we got. Also, keep your eyes open for future batches. We'll be able to see how this project evolves overtime, how the beers influence each other, and how they all develop somewhat of a unique identity as the foeder grows its personality.

Cheers to Great Raft for this killer beer!