Beer Here: Lagunitas LAG Lagunator Lager

From: Petaluma, California

Style: California Common / Bock

ABV 7.7%

Lagunitas, known for its hop forward pale ales like Little Sumthin' Sumthin', brings out the malt with this smooth California Common brewed to Bock strength. Its dark caramel color readies you for a bold, yet smooth, caramel malt character. Hops come in with a bite at the end, holding onto Lagunitas' signature.

Bock beers are malt-forward German lagers brewed to a higher than normal ABV. There are many variations on the style (doppelbock, weissbock, eisbock, etc.) but most tend to have one thing in common: -ator. German brewers began naming their beers to indicate this particular stile by adding -ator to the end of the name (Optimator, Maximator, Salvator, Celebrator), and Lagunitas continues this tradition with Lagunator. Abita Andygator is a bock beer as well, and follows this tradition.