Cider Here: Aval


Name: Aval Cidre Artisanal

Style: Dry Cider

From: Brittany, France

ABV: 6%

We're not just about beer. We also LOVE cider, especially balanced ciders that remind you it's made with real apples, with none of the overbearing sweetness you'll find in those ciders made with apple concentrate or added flavors.

Aval cider is incredibly easy-drinking, with just enough sweetness to hold up to lots of food and a remarkably dry finish. There's a lot of carbonation here, which emphasizes a wine-like tannic quality. This gives it extra oomph alongside richer, fattier dishes.

Check out this awesome diagram on their website which shows their process from picking to drinking here

We hope you'll come enjoy one with us soon. Cheers!